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The Children's Health and Education Fund has  coordinated and sponsored a number of ongoing projects over the years.  You can learn more about our current projects here or view   Project Histories .

What We Are Doing Now

The Lotus Children's Centre - Mongolia

CHEF has an ongoing relationship  The Lotus Children's Centre in Mongolia. You can see details of this fantastic project on our project histories page and also on their own website at

Scholarships for India

The Children's  Health and Education  Fund is sponsoring a number of children from diverse backgrounds.

Marina's parents both work in local NGOs for modest wages. Her mother is a physio-therapist and acupuncturist in a village clinic and her father works in disaster-relief.

Krishna's parents run a village multi-therapy medical centre and his father also works as a teacher in a local village primary school.

By sponsoring  Marina and Krishna, their parents are freed up to work for nominal wages in ways that bring far more benefit to their local communities than if they sought work in better paying jobs for which they are qualified outside their own areas.

Shivani is a young woman from a poor family migrated to urban Delhi. Shivani's mother is both illiterate and innumerate and works cleaning houses. Her father is a driver in and out of work quite frequently. Despite the difficulties of her family and environment, Shivani managed to finish high school and get enrollment at Delhi University in the BA course. She wants to be a teacher.

Sanjay Kumar is a student from Jharkhand state with a mild physical disability. His family are subsistence farmers and his dream is to be an engineer. He managed to get a scholarship from the state government to attend engineering college and CHEF sponsors his accommodation costs near his college.

If you want the satisfaction of sponsoring a child or providing a scholarship, you can see details on the How You Can Help page.

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