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The Children's Health and Education Fund

Who We Are

All children have a right to the basic necessities of life and the means to attain them and the purpose of CHEF is to  assist individuals and projects that are working towards this goal.


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Our Ongoing Programmes

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The Lotus Children's Centre - Mongolia

Our partnership with  The Lotus Children's Centre in Mongolia has been continuing for over 25 years. The Children's Health and Education Fund collects and transfers an average of $25,000 to the Lotus Centre each year. To get up-to-date news about Lotus, please see their wonderful work on the Lotus Children's Centre website or Facebook: 

Support for Rural Schools -

Over the past 20 years, CHEF has sent many boxes of books and educational materials to rural schools in Odisa, India. In predominantly tribal areas, the  Tinitia  and Pingu Primary Schools are asset-poor but full of children wanting to learn as the first literate members in their families.  With CHEF adding a laptop, overhead projector and large files of documentary and educational programming, these schools use innovative approaches to bring these late starters up to age-appropriate classes with an  extra focus on their advancement. See the blog-post to see other contributions from The Children's Health and Education Fund to assist the dedicated teachers at these schools.

Student Scholarships

Providing scholarships for girls at school and University levels, students with disabilities and children from impoverished backgrounds,  has always been an important part of the CHEF programme. We now have three young women enrolled in University in different parts of India, one at the School for the Hearing Impaired, a second generation girl child beginning Kindergarten and two boys in Secondary School.

Profound thanks to all who joined together to achieve this goal. Now the effort must continue to keep these kids in college and on the path to their bright future.

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