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The Children’s Health and Education Fund was set-up in 2004 with the vision that all human beings  have the right to the fundamental necessities of life and the means to attain them.

  • We work with the acknowledgement that each one of us has a responsibility towards our world family to ensure that children everywhere have access to health and education, the fundamental cornerstones to the pursuit of a happy and productive life.

  • We aim to assist children to access primary and further education, as well as health care in countries we are connected to, around the world.

  • We support projects and individuals that our members have personal knowledge of and able to monitor. We give field reports on project development, so you'll know your donation is utilised for the purpose it is sent.

  • We work with local organisations within the communities they serve and so are best able to assess and address the most immediate needs of those communities.

  • NO administrative costs are subtracted from money donated. 100% goes towards projects. All CHEF positions are filled voluntarily. Any incidental running costs are covered by membership fees and specific donations by members and friends.

Our Work


All over the world, there are children whose lives are blighted due to lack of access to health facilities and whose futures remain dim because of lack of education. Children's lives can be transformed within a moment by admission to further or even primary education and this in turn affects the entire family. Education improves chances and options of employment. Children from impoverished backgrounds can gain skills for life from even a year of elementary education and acquiring even the most basic numeracy and literacy.


There are different factors that keep a child from receiving health care and education.

Educational facilities may be available within a child’s environment but a lack of money for fees, books and materials or for travel to school, can be obstacles for children beginning or continuing their education.  Ill health, environment, illiteracy of parents, domestic violence, the need to contribute to family income or to care for siblings whilst parents work, may be more complex factors. These issues all need to be addressed whilst assisting a child to further their education.

Apart from the issues facing individuals, a shortage of competent teachers, lack of adequate educational facilities and materials, social unrest or disintegration and family breakdown are issues that face entire communities and impede the children's access to education and health care.

The lives of a community's children can be revolutionised by gaining access to clean water supply, adequate food and basic medical care.




Providing a child with education can benefit an entire community. Working with individuals  can in the long run provide skilled educational and medical professionals to service an entire community and its needs. Educating that one child then benefits many generations of children.

The youth of an entire community can benefit by opportunities to occupy them in their vulnerable teen years and gain skills that help build their practical future careers.


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