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Your donation of a gently used laptop can make a real impact on the lives of children in need. By providing them with access to technology, you are helping to bridge the education gap and opening up a world of possibilities. Please consider donating your laptop today. Contact us at The Children's Health and Education Fund.


India and Mongolia

The Children's Health and Education Fund identifies children in need in countries where CHEF members have direct contact in order to monitor the sponsored children.

Sponsor a Child's Education in Rural India

 Those interested in sponsoring a deserving child's education in rural India can write directly for details as each case is different. 

Sponsor a Disabled Child  in Rural India

Additional sponsorship is needed for tertiary education and support of disabled  students in rural India and those interested can write to us for further details.

Sponsor a Lotus Child in Mongolia

US$120 per month will pay for your sponsored child's education, clothing, school materials and uniform, food and day-to-day needs.

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The Lotus project in Mongolia is always looking for volunteers with skills in the areas of education, healthcare, construction, and more. Your time and expertise can make a significant impact on the lives of children in need. Volunteers are provided with food and accommodations during their stay, as well as training and support throughout the project. Join our team and become part of a meaningful and life-changing experience. Call +61 413 240 053 to chat about it!


If you wish to make a donation, you can make a direct deposit to:

The Children’s Health and Education Fund
ANZ Bank

BSB: 014 555
Account No: 4983 04115


  • Please ensure your name is on all direct deposits.

  • Please don't forget to send us an email at with your name so that we can send you a receipt.

  • On your deposit and in your email, please mention which project or sponsorship you are donating towards so that we can make sure your donation goes to your preferred project.

  • The Children's Health and Education Fund is tax-exempt under Australian Taxation Law.

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