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2017 / 2018: Mongolia Donations and Indian Education Support Continues.

In 2017, CHEF sent over $25,600 to The Lotus Children's Centre in Mongolia for project development and maintenance and individual child sponsorships.

During 2017 CHEF was proud to be able to present 100 pieces of educational materials to the Tinitia Primary School in Orissa, India. This school has a large proportion of tribal children and the dedicated teachers have been having a lot of success in mainstreaming these often late-starters in to their age-appropriate classes after just a year's focused instruction.

The focus of The Children's Health and Education Fund was to provide academic scholarships for a number of student in India:

1) High School scholarships for Marina: we congratulate Marina who has been sponsored by CHEF since 2012. She scored 96% in the very difficult Class 10 examinations of the Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) which governs most English-medium education on a national level in India.

2) High School scholarship for Krishna

3) Scholarship for Susana at St Michael's School for the Hearing Impaired, Hazaribag. Profoundly deaf since birth, Susana has transcended her difficult early years and is doing well both academically and in Karate and sports.

4) High School Scholarship for Itanshu at Millenium Senior Secondary School, Jaipur.

5) Sponsorship for Sanjay at Sukhjinder Singh Engineering and Technology College, Punjab. Sanjay graduated in 2017 in the 1st Division, passing from JK Gujral Punjab Technical University with B. Tech. Engineering.

6) Sponsorship for Sunita Kumari to pursue additional studies towards her BSc College entrance.

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