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2007 / 2008: Hutul Youth Centre - Mongolia

In addition to the ministering to the needs of the children at the Centre itself, The Lotus Children's Centre is reaching out to a wider demographic of young adults and youth in need within the community.

This is especially critical in the isolated mining towns in the far north of the country where there are few occupations for young people who are especially at risk because of easy access to alcohol.

The WHO Global Status Report on Alcohol 2004 reported: “It has also been noted that alcohol abuse could be Mongolia’s biggest stumbling block to economic and social progress, with women especially falling victim to a daily round of vodka-fuelled violence. 69% of school-age youth report drinking alcohol”

Hutul Youth Centre, Northern Mongolia

By establishing the Lotus Youth Centre in Hutul, in the north of Mongolia, there are hopes of alleviating an early drift to alcohol because of aimlessness and a lack of recreational facilities for youths. The Lotus Youth Centre will provide classes in computer and English, as well as access to a café, pizza parlour, Library and Reading Room. Other new projects and classes will be added over time.

The establishment of this Centre hopes to alleviate the problem which can lead to a crisis of alcoholism in young adults, and in some cases, even children. The establishment of the Youth Centre hopes to offer an alternative to the youths in this mining town by offering after-school activities, classes, a library and an alcohol-free café.

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