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2011: The Lotus Baking Training Programme

Updated: Dec 9, 2023

After long discussions with the management at Lotus Children's Centre to develop this

students learn how to bake at the Lotus Centre, Mongolia
Lotus Baking Kitchen with students

programme, and thanks to fantastic support from the Hospital Training Association of Brisbane, CHEF helped co-ordinate a new young adults' training programme at Lotus. HTA kindly sent Mr Paul Wilderbeek, a senior lecturer from the HTA College to conduct the first part of a three-part training programme in commercial baking. CHEF purchased a large commercial oven and other necessary equipment for the programme and co-ordinated the visit in Ulaan Bataar in 2011.

In just two weeks, the course covered the making of

Pastries about to go in the oven

  • basic white dough

  • sweet bun dough

  • buckwheat bread

  • wholemeal bread

  • vegetable bread

  • cheese and dried tomato bread

  • hot cross buns

  • pizza

  • focaccia

  • Turkish bread

  • hamburger buns

  • croissants

The Lotus Baking Training Programme provided by Paul Wilderbeek was a great hit with the staff and kids. Needless to say, reports were that no baked goods made it out of the classroom at the end of each day!

Within a week of the completion of the first part of the Baking Programme, The Lotus Children's Centre had a large number of orders from the Ulaan Bataar ex-pat community for Easter hot-cross buns! They were happy to fulfill the orders and earn money for the centre. Since then, Lotus has been making fresh wholemeal bread for the children each week, which adds diversity to their diet.

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