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2012: The Lotus Baking Training Programme - Second Phase

Preparing savoury treats in the Lotus Baking kitchen.

In 2012, CHEF continued to work with the Lotus Children's Centre in Mongolia both directly and indirectly. Apart from funds and sponsorships sent to Lotus during the year, CHEF also organised for the next phase of the Baking Training Programme which was started last year by Australian baker, Paul Wilderbeek. Paul was immensely generous in spending his annual leave in Mongolia to conduct more training for Lotus. CHEF sponsored his fare and also the new equipment required for the course, which was shipped from China.

baking class
Paul Wilderbeek and his graduating students

The two week training course for staff and students at Lotus was extremely successful. The professional oven CHEF purchased last year and the other equipment acquired this year continue to be used for daily baking needs at Lotus and will be used to continue the training programme.

The Lotus Children's Centre is planning to build a bakery at the Centre and open a shop in the local town of Gacchurt. This will provide training, employment and income for Lotus and the older children.

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